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Unique diversity on the planet, abundant marine reserves and impressive landscapes characterize the Enchanted Islands. Visiting this heritage is immersing yourself in one of the 23 natural wonders of the planet, where you can swim with sea lions and walk alongside giant tortoises. A place that will make you fall in love with its wildlife.




In 1835 Charles Darwin arrived in the Galapagos Islands and carried out studies that allowed the postulation of his Theory of Evolution, considered one of the most relevant. The researcher collected no less than 193 species of plants, 26 of land birds, 15 of marine fish, 11 of wading birds, among others. Much of this flora and fauna existed only in this part of the planet.

The finch was one of the birds that most attracted Darwin's attention, since they were differentiated by the size of the beak, this special characteristic would be related to their way of life, key data to develop his theory of natural selection.



Hotel Flamingo has ideal plans so that you can enjoy the main wonders of the islands and explore the fauna it offers, as well as learn with our guides about the origin and care of native species that you will not find anywhere in the world.
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Heart of Galapagos and one of the most populated, Puerto Ayora is the most important city and there you can find shops, bars, ATMs and everything you need to enjoy your trip.

It has endemic forests and a varied fauna, from giant tortoises to blue sharks. Its characteristic beach, known for being one of the most beautiful, will welcome you, you can also visit the Charles Darwin Research Center.

It is one of the most important natural attractions in Galapagos, it is located in front of Santa Cruz Island. Its vegetation is so special that it changes color according to the season of the year, it also has a variety of land iguanas, Opuntia cactus, seagulls, masked and blue-footed boobies.

It is awash with life, it was raised from the sea due to an earthquake. You will be able to admire: blue-footed boobies, forked-tailed gulls and the largest nesting site for frigate birds.

You are greeted by a Palo Santo forest whose leaves only grow in the rainy season, as well as low cliffs.

One of the most incredible, it offers a spectacle of craters and volcanic formations in bright red, orange, green and black colors.

The Pinnacle Rock is the most visited and an exceptional postcard of the place. Also, admire the Galapagos penguins, sea turtles on the shores and snorkel.

It offers landscapes that will surprise you with turquoise waters and calm bays with trails to enjoy its beauty, the largest cactus of prickly pear stands out.

It emerged from the sea due to a seismic event and is one of the oldest, therefore, it is home to several endemic species: Santa Fe land iguana, Santa Fe marine iguana and Santa Fe leaf-toed gecko.

Snorkeling is an ideal practice because it concentrates a variety of marine life such as: tropical fish, rays, blue shark and sea turtles.

It is the entrance to the islands, here is the main airport. It is a strategic commercial and geographical point.

It is surrounded by reefs and in the crystal clear water channel you can admire sea lions and birds.