Best Things To Do in Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos’ various islands are strikingly different. Some feature imposing active volcanoes, while others flaunt idyllic beaches and remote wildlife reserves. If you’re planning an extended visit, you’ll want to explore them all. But should you have time limitations, you’ll need to build a selective itinerary. Wildlife-watchers will want to venture to the small town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island to tour the Charles Darwin Research Station before continuing southwest to catch a glimpse of critters basking in the sun along Santa Cruz’s Tortuga Bay. Intrepid hikers will take pleasure in exploring Sierra Negra, Isabela Island’s active volcano, while aquatic enthusiasts will enjoy sharing the waters with exuberant tropical fish during a snorkeling or diving excursion. Whatever pursuits pique your interest, just be sure to make time for exploring the Galápagos’ unspoiled landscapes and interacting with its magnificent creatures.


With beaches with a wave level for all tastes, Ecuador is a country recognized as a surf destination. Proof of this is that world championships have been held there. The warm water temperature on the Ecuador coast makes the waves very competitive in the context of surfing worldwide.

San Cristóbal.- In the Galapagos Islands this island is considered an excellent place to practice this sport. The favorite place for surfers is Punta Carola, whose main characteristic is its big waves. Recommended season: All year round (although recommended from December to April). Difficulty: Medium.


Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world to explore underwater, as the beauty of the entire South Pacific is concentrated in its colorful marine fauna, its underwater cliffs, corals and more. The Galapagos Marine Reserve, the Machalilla National Park and the Pacific Coast offer unique sites in the world.

Galapagos – León Dormido.- It is a world famous destination for diving. Under this gigantic rock are sharks and other fish swimming around it. Difficulty: medium – low. Season: From June to December.

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